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Connolly Leather Australia sold by H Leffler & Son Pty Ltd

As the authorised distributor of Connolly Leather, buying up large quantities of leather when this world-renowned industry name ceased trading. We still hold stocks of original Connolly Autolux and Autocalf hides, and are still working with members of the Connolly family, making Autolux, Autocalf and Vaumol to the original specification colours.
We keep in stock at all times a selection of the most popular colours shown on the sample selector bar below, but can supply any one of the hundreds of colours included in this extensive range through our Bespoke Leather Service.

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to go to the Pantone colour selector page with thousands of colours to choose from.

Connolly Auto Leather is known throughout the world for suppling Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Bentley for over 80 years.

Please note: swatches are not true to the exact hide colours.

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Navy Leather
Royal Blue Leather
Grey Leather
Light Grey Leather
Colour: Navy Blue
Code: A3209
Colour: Royal Blue
Code: A3197
Colour: Grey
Code: A3244
Colour: Light Grey
Code: A3393
Dark Red Leather
Parchment leather
Magnolia Leather
Bisuit Leather
Colour: Dark Red
Code: A3086
Colour: Parchment
Code: A3672
Colour: Magnolia
Code: A3997
Colour: Biscuit
Code: A4104
Dark blue leather
Blue Leather
Mushroom leather
Slate Leather
Colour: Dark Blue
Code: A4133
Colour: Blue
Code: A4135
Colour: Mushroom
Code: A4136
Colour: Slate
Code: A4137
Beige Leather
Tan Leather
Fawn Leather
Red Leather
Colour: Beige
Code: A4177
Colour: Tan
Code: A4178
Colour: Fawn
Code: A4208
Colour: Red
Code: A3171
Black leather
Taupe leather
Savannah Leather
Green Leather
Colour: Black
Code: A8500
Colour: Taupe
Code: A4152
Colour: Savannah
Code: A3234
Colour: Green
Code: A3124
Antique Tan Leather
Champagne leather
Antique Red Leather
Dark green leather
Colour: Antique

Code: A3243
Code: A3099
Colour: Antique

Code: A3108
Colour: Dark

Code: A3655
autolux brown   autolux blue   suede green   autolux st james red
Colour: Brown
Code: A890

Colour: Blue
Code: A3282

  Colour: Suede Green
Code: A3510
  Colour: St James Red
Code: A4211
autolux spruce   autolux charcoal   autolux wild berry   autolux oatmeal
Colour: Spruce
Code: A4212
  Colour: Charcoal
Code: A4266
  Colour: Wild Berry
Code: A4308
  Colour: Oatmeal
Code: A3672
autolux oxblood   autolux barley   autolux cotswold   autolux ivory
Colour: Oxblood
Code: A4380
  Colour: Barley
Code: A4493
  Colour: Cotswold
Code: A4496
  Colour: Ivory
Code: A4559
autolux navy   autolux cashmere        
Colour: Navy
Code: A4498
  Colour: Cashmere
Code: A4561






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